About Us

CESR is a premier not-for-profit institution focusing on research in the field of Development Economics, Education, Micro and Small Enterprises, Digital Technologies, Environment and Sustainable Development. The Institute has made significant research contribution in the areas of skill development, entrepreneurship, youth and gender empowerment, poverty alleviation, quality of life etc. Most of the studies are supported by Hitotsubashi University, University of Tokyo, UN-Habitat, Government in India, and other institutions. Many collaborative research studies are also undertaken with national and international academic institutions. The organization was formally instituted in 1997. The Institute has carried out several studies focusing on problems faced by the developing world. The studies completed so far fall under the broad categories of human settlement, economic development, employment, gender issues, poverty and deprivation. The strength of the Institute lies in not only identifying and articulating intellectual challenges encountered by a number of disciplines of knowledge but also in mounting research and evaluative projects leading to development of specific problem-based advanced technologies that help carry benefits to society at large. The geographical coverage of the studies includes all the continents, i.e., Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Caribbean nations.