Field Surveys

2014-15 Survey on micro and small enterprises on socio- economic profile, innovation, migration status, cost-benefit and policy etc. covering north-east district of Delhi.
2011 Survey on various oil manufacturing and milling enterprises in Punjab, Gujarat, Delhi and U.P.


Survey on Rickshaw Pullers and Contractors on migration status, poverty, socio- economic profile etc. covering whole Delhi.


Documentation of Traditional Veterinary Care Knowledge from the villagers, knowledgeable people, and healers in Haryana, Punjab and U.P.


Pilot Survey on Rickshaw Puller and Contractors on migration status, poverty, socio- economic profile etc. in North-East Delhi.


Survey on R&D in Veterinary Medicine (synthetic and herbal).


Survey on Livestock Diseases covering all species in one district each of Haryana and Punjab, and four districts in U.P., covering about 120 Villages and over 600 households having Livestock.


Survey of Small Scale Manufacturing Enterprises in and around Delhi to study adoption of information and communication technology and it’s impact on    profitability, export orientation etc.


Survey on Marketing of Recyclable Waste in Delhi from the ground level of households and establishments to the recycling industrial units.


All India Survey on Livestock Feed Consumption and other Characteristics spread over ten livestock regions of the country, covering two districts in each region, two villages in each district and 24 households having livestock in each village.


Survey of Waste Pickers and Collectors in North-East Delhi on their Socio-economic background, earnings, working days etc. Interestingly, no sample could be drawn in absence of prior knowledge about their residential locations; so, the strategy of run and hit the respondents into the field was followed.